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Swaad Gharcha

A thought immersed, Implemented came up with the best taste in the world with new methods, New ambiance and with new name “Swaad Gharcha“.
"Swaad Gharcha" the name itself resembles "The Taste".
"Taste" is the heart of food & "Swaad Gharcha" is the place to have the food.

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Swaad Gharcha Special Thali

" Swaad Gharcha Special Thali includes Chicken Sukka (fresh Chicken grated with Masala and fresh Coconut), fried Pomfret(A peace of Pomfret marinated and shallow fried on Tava), fried Bombil(is a crunchy and spicy Fish marinated with spices cotted with Rice flower mixture), Masala Prawns (prepare in a spicy Masala gravy and grated with Coconut), Javala Bhaji(Dryed Prawns mixed with Masalas), Fish Curry(spicy baked white Fish fillets are breast of with a Ginger, Garlic, Onion),boiled rice, Bhakri(it is a rice flour flat unleavened Bread), solKadi (Kokum Kadi for digestion)."